cinEScultura - who we are and what we do...

cinEScultura was brought to life in 2008 as a seminar project and since then has become a one of a kind Spanish Film and Culture Festival in Germany. In 2017, the festival celebrated its 10th anniversary and has established itself meanwhile as one of the biggest and most important festivals of its kind in Germany.
cinEScultura is so special because it takes place in Regensburg but traverses the Atlantic; because it loves cinema classics but also because it keeps an eye out for new talent at the same time. The festival alternates in a two-year sequence between films from a Spanish region and a Latin American country, and promising debut films.
cinEScultura is so unique because it lives through passion for film and survives through the commitment of volunteers. Every year, the festival is organised by a new team of students and staff from the University of Regensburg and is logistically supported by the association, Arbeitskreis Film Regensburg e.V.
cinEScultura is so extraordinary because it does of all that, only differently every year. Every year, the festival consists of a diverse cinema programme, international concerts, expositions, performances and discussions. Year on year, the festival is made so different through all of this and through the diverse themes. As a result, the festival provides not only a week-long cinema event and a colourful cultural programme for its 10,000 yearly visitors but also a huge celebration!
cinEScultura believes in culture as a bridge between continents, language as an encounter and it believes that because anything is allowed on the screen, anything is possible!
For a decade, all of this has been possible thanks to dedicated lecturers, many students and, of course, with the help of our local sponsors and the support of German and Spanish cultural institutions.